La Fondation en vidéo – BMW Art Guide

La Fondation Francès a accueilli en décembre l’équipe du BMW Art Guide by Independant Collectors, ainsi que Fransesca Gavin, commissaire d’exposition, et Badr Daou, influenceur, pour une découverte sensible de l’exposition de Kader Attia, “Mémoire de l’Oubli“, présentée actuellement à Senlis.

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“A French roadtrip reaching the radical reflections of artist Kader Attia.
In our video series, we see writer and curator and Francesca Gavin team up with social media influencers and art advocates. Together, they embark on a journey to a handful of some of the exquisite collections featured in the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors.
Ready for the forth instalment, superbly dressed computer engineer and fashion influencer Badr Daou is handed the keys of the BMW i8 as he and Gavin take a drive just outside of Paris to the quaint city of Senlis. Arriving at the Fondation Francès, the political works of Algerian-French artist Kader Attia fill the eighteenth-century building. A collection dedicated to the stimulation of discussions and emotions, the current exhibition boasts a moving experience.”  I.C.